Riyadh Airport Terminals

At Riyadh airport there are various terminals currently operative: 1, 2 and 5. Apart of these ones, the Royal Terminal is is operative as well.

The terminals are connected to each other by walkways.

The complex includes a modern VIPs terminal, cafés, restaurants, airlines offices, government departments, hotels and rent-a-car companies counters, banks, first aid clinics and shops.


Terminal 1

This terminal is used for international flights, except flights operated by Air France, Korean Air, Saudia and Middle East Airlines (Skyteam members and flynas). Since the opening of Terminal 5, Terminal 1 operates the arrivals/departures of international flights.


Terminal 2

This terminal is used for international flights with the exception of the flynas members and skyteam. Since the opening of Terminal 5, and as well as Terminal 1, Terminal 2 operates the arrivals/departures of international flights.


Terminal 3

This terminal is currently closed but it’s been used for domestic flights. One of the major airlines that has been operating from the terminal is Saudi Arabian Airlines as well as some low-cost airlines as Nas Air or Sama.


Terminal 4

This terminal is inoperative, having never been utilized since it was built. It is planned to use it on the future.


Terminal 5

It's a new terminal inaugurated in 2016. The terminal is adjacent to the other ones, and handles domestic flights that operate with 5 different destinations inside the country. There are free shuttles that connect this terminal with the international terminals that run every 10 minutes.


It has 36 check-in counters, 30 of them for the Economy Class and the other 6 for First/Business Class. There are 20 self-check-in counters and operates with Saudia and Flynas airlines.


Terminal 5 connects directly with the Metro and has a parking area with more than 3,700 parking spaces that links with the Riyadh Metro as well.


The Royal Terminal

There is a special terminal reserved for Heads of State and other VIP personalities: the Royal Pavilion. The building has different gardens and fountains and links directly with the mosque.


General aviation complex

North of runway 1, there is a general aviation terminal that is used by private aircraft. It has a passenger terminal, parking (for visitors as well), taxi service, etc. Apart of private flights, the complex operates with Saudia’s special flight services group and hosts Alsalam Aircraft Company, Ltd.